Autodiscover? – What? – Deep Dive Series Part 3


You’ve already seen Part 1 and Part 2 – right?

Now the Autodiscover.XML file does have some more informations for Outlook to use. One very important URL to use are the Exchange Web Services. Normally for sending and receiveing an E-Mail the EWS configuration is not necessary. But as soon as your users try to configure their Out of Office Assistant (OOF) they use EWS to do this. So when the URL of EWS is not available useres are unable to configure OOF.

Also the information for OWA and the Offline Address Book (OAB) will be configured with the XML.

To check the client configuration use the “Test e-Mail Autoconfiguration” feature from Outlook. Search your clock on your desktop (hint – right bottom corner) and search the Outlook symbol. SHIFT+right-click and choose “Test E-Mail AutoConfiguration”


From here you can test your Autodiscover configuration. Remove both options for “Guessmart” (this is for POP3 and IMAP testing) and click Test.

The results will now be shown. The tab Log will provide the information how Outlook was able to find the autodiscover.xml file. As stated in Part 1 a domain joined client will use the SCP. If this is for any reason not successfull it will look like that:


Outlook will try the different options (see Part 1) to get the XML file. If it is not successful it will keep retrying it until the last option – search for an SRV-Record even does not work:


So Outlook was not able to get an XML file.  Also this will be stated on the Results tab.


Now it is time to check why this happens.


Your EXGuru – aka Peter Forster – aka Satschent Peter

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