BCS and BCSS – well known for any Exchange Admin


You have seen my last post about Active Manager. You are now familiar with PAM/SAM and BSC and BCSS. For all of you haven’t seen the article I’ll follow up on Best Copy Selection (BSC) and Best Copy and Server Selection (BCSS). BSC was the Exchange 2010 name for BCSS as it is called in Exchange 2013.

As soon as the Active Copy of a Database is no longer available BCSS tries to enable the best available copy. There are a few steps included in this process. One step is to decide the best available copy of the database. This will be done by checking the Mailbox-Server AutoDatabaseMountDial Setting. If the number of missing logfiles is equal or less than the value of AutoDatabaseMountDial Exchange tries to mount the database.
If the value is greater Active Manager tries to find another copy (if they are available) to be activated.

And why I’m discussing all this?
Because it is important during planned maintenance to set the Server into Maintenance that PAM knows not to activate that copy of a database. More about Maintenance will be available soon!


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